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Friday, November 25, 2005

Super Bunny & Super Frog
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Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and ate like pigs. :) I know I had a lovely Turkey day... This painting now lives with my friend MD.

Now I'm ready to get in the Christmas spirit... :) Put up the tree and all that jazz. And the lights... looooove the Christmas lights.

I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with my friend R. He's been gone for 4 years now, I can't believe it. I miss you R, you were a wonderful, sweet guy with a great laugh.

Now I think I'll tell you about the Christmas movies I'm going to watch to get in the holiday spirit:

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Home for the Holidays -- about a woman's dysfunctional family
Christmas Story -- a kid wants a Red Ryder bb gun for x-mas, old school, but hilarious... a lot of great moments. :)
Donovan's Reef -- This is an old John Wayne movie set in Hawaii

That's all that come to mind... Any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm still full from my Turkey dinner yesterday. I'm down with watching some of those Christmas movies too if you wanna have a crafty night sometime...I still have lots of knitting to do before the 25th :)

Anonymous said...

Hey chicka! I know that painting!! It looks mighty fine on the wall in my hallway, if I do say so myself!! ha ha! Happy post-Thanksgiving! I owe you a "return" email on the regular e-account. At work today and wanted to check in on the el-blog-o. Talk to you soon :-)