Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I need to work on my conversational skills... I know I'm way guilty of number 3. I'm all to free with my advice. :)

Six Common Mistakes
That Spoil Conversations
By Loren Ekroth

1. Blabbermouthing

2. The "take-away" and "me-too" syndrome

3. Unsolicited advice

4. Interrupting

5. Contradicting

6. Stingy contributors


I need to finish my ATC for Turtle Kisses' trade and mail it off tomorrow. Don't worry, it'll be there soon!

And I need to finish doing my dishes. I made quite a dent in the mountain of dirty dishes last night, so tonight should be cake. :)

Has anyone seen the movie Failure to Launch yet? I hope it's funny... seems like quite a few romantic comedies of late have been duds.

I added to my to do list. I need to be less of a list maker and more of a do-er....

Happy Tuesday!

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