Zombie Anastasia and her undead dog, Fitz

Monday, July 31, 2006

Zombie Anastasia and her undead dog, Fitz
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Magpie Skinny.

Yet another zombie (aka sickly skin toned goth girl) illy by myself. Don't know why I'm having so much fun with these, guess cuz it's different from my normal sappy sweet illustrations... :) I like the skin tone on this one cuz I think I got a nice gross green... ha!

Hubs about the same, resting and bored.

Not much else going on here... I need to stop and get Pooch some new racquet balls cuz I winged the one toy of his we could find into an evergreen tree in the back and it got stuck somewhere in there. I hope next time it rains or gets windy that it falls out. :D

Line I like from a Carbon Leaf song, Raise the Roof: "The wisest advice to me that I didn't reach was to lock up the heart, but keep the key within reach."

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