Candy Corn Guys

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Candy Corn Guys
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Have you ever seen such fiends? These guys love the candy corns. Just CAN'T get enough of them!!

C and I saw the Hacienda Bros. this past weekend (plus the SnotRockets, who were also great!). The Hacienda Bros. showed up in an old van that had the extension on the top, which makes it taller and also angles the top in.

The van was painted white on the top, orange in the middle AND!!! white on the bottom. :( But at first my candy corned brain thought the bottom was yellow. Ha! I was SO excited. I did recommend to one of the Hacienda Bros. that they paint the bottom yellow, cuz then it'd be really cool. :D

Happy Wednesday, 4 more days 'til Halloween.

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