Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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So it's Tuesday...again. These last few weeks are blending into one another, one bitterly cold day after another. Today it's supposed to get up to 40, which will be a nice change. Maybe the ice will melt off our driveway. :)

Weekend points of interest:
~We watched Kelly's Heroes this weekend - Funny
K brought over Rasteputz - YOWSA
TD brought Schlafly Coffee Stout - yum
~C bought Eve of Destruction (x-box) a redneck racing game - very fun after i got better at driving (C kept laughing at me cuz I say, "go Magpie go" to cheer myself on - ha!)
~C and I went to see Stranger than Fiction. I thought it was quite good. The best movie I've seen lately. I wasn't sure if it'd be good or not because Will Ferrell can be SO over the top, but he was a different character in this movie. Two thumbs up. :)
~Watched the Superbowl. Love the Blockbuster commercial - Click the Mouse. ha!

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