Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big and I had a meeting of our club, BFFFFF, last night. Here's a picture of Big's doppelganger, Brad Friedel. He looks eerily like Big and for a second I thought this WAS him. Friedel looks especially like him when he has this quizzical look on his face. Heh heh. Bizarre....

Anyway, we met at the Thai Place and shared some good food and laughs.

Apparently in Florida, you can snorkel with manatees which "are just like sting rays." (I WAS THINKING MANTA RAYS!!!)

Big recently spent some times in the Philippines and has some pics of beautiful sunsets cuz he is too lazy to get up and take pretty sunrise pictures (Hmph, lazy!).

He says there are really great beaches there, but some take quite a lot of travel by various means to reach (boat, three wheeled scooter, etc- right Big??). He also mentioned that there's a tasty creation called egg pie (which is made of eggs). heh heh heh.

People often feel like throwing Big in the ocean when he comes back from exotic places like the Philippines and shows off all his great pics. Shoot, sometimes you just wanna throw him in the ocean for no reason really. heh, juuuust kidding Big. Good seeing you last night!

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