Funny things kids say...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My mom told me some funny things my nephews have been saying.  I can't wait until my little niece is old enough to be saying her own funnies!

My younger brother and his son:
Dad: What color is your truck?
Son: I have no idea...
(He'll be 2 in a few months and had never said THAT before!)

My older brother and his wife have someone from Parents As Teachers come visit and she's been working with E (he'll be 3 in a few months) on enunciating words.  Apparently she was trying to get him to say naPkin, instead of naKkin and he wouldn't do it.  Then a few days later while eating dinner E spilled something and he says, "Napkin, napkin Please!........  But when Monique Here.... I say Nakkin."   haha!

He's such a tease, I can't believe someone so little is so ornery.  haha!   

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