Reunion Part 4 - Short story

Friday, September 5, 2008

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“So what do you guys think we’ll do once we get there?” I asked.

“We’ll probably just hang around the house tonight and catch up. Then go shop for stuff to take up into the mountains with us,” mom answered.

I waited, but seeing no other information was forthcoming I pressed on, “What time do you think we’ll leave tomorrow?” I questioned, knowing that it would more than likely be earlier than I wanted to get up.

“As early as we can,” dad replied.

Giving up, I leaned back and sighed. I knew it, it seemed like I always had to get up earlier than I wanted to. Oh well, I thought to myself, the mountains are worth it. I closed my eyes picturing their grandeur and inevitably thought of Kally and all of the time we’d spent together there. I thought of all the time we’d spent together telling stories and secrets, the late nights we’d talked and giggled until being told to go to sleep and then of the long period of time that had passed since we’d even written to one another. Since then my friendships had all been rocky. I hadn’t had any other friends with whom I could share everything and know that they would understand.

Kally and I had spent the weeks we had together forming our own personal club ( the two of us being the only members), imagining the life we would share. We would go to the same college, then after that we would live across the street from each other. We would marry guys who were friends, and our children would grow up friends. The plans for our future went on and on. After a while my thoughts trailed off as the monotonous motion lulled me to sleep.

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