Awesome birthday present

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My older bro called last week to wish me happy birthday and he put his kids on the phone. K (1 yr old) was first and she said "Hap Burt."

Then E (3 yr old) got on, he said, "Happy Birthday." I thanked him and then he told me, "you smell with your nose." I said, "You're right, good job! What do you do with your eyes?" He said, "See" and then he said, "Blink." "I said right! That's good! What do you do with your mouth?" "Talk," he said. He's such a smarty. I asked him who his favorite teacher was (it was Miss W. last weekend) "Miss C.," he says. "What about Miss W?" I say. "Her too," he replies.

K got back on the phone and said, "Happu Burtdee." She is so adorable. I had given her mom a rock that my other nephew J (2 yr old) had given me. She gave it to K to play with and K was saying, MaeMae brought rock, MaeMae rock, MaeMae rock.

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camie said...

so cute - I love these little stories. :)