Friday, January 28, 2011

Doreto Batik Caftan Dress

I ran across the blog Corks and Caftans while doing a search on caftans, which I thought might be cute maternity/nursing wear.

Corks and Caftans mentions this Doreto Batik caftan dress as a must have and it is super cute, but I am a tight wad, so after searching Ebay to no avail, I started looking up patterns.  Here are some cute/interesting ideas I've found:

First this pattern looks super simple and might be my first effort.

This one looks pretty elegant and I don't know when or if I'd wear it, but I like it.

No pattern here, but it looks like a scarf sewn together with a neck hole added?

This one's cute, but might be more complicated.  I didn't open up all the individual pdfs.  Looks like someone (uhhh ummm!) needs to learn more about pdf making, eeesh.

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