Snowpocalypse Tuesday...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The dreaded winter storm has arrived and doesn't seem all that "monster" so far.  If it keeps snowing for 24 hours we might have something interesting on our hands, we shall see!

Peep is being as entertaining as she knows how.  :D


Black olives - blackies (she adores black olives. I think she would eat an entire can of them if allowed!)
Poop - had a little friend over and someone was stinking. I said, J* did you poop? He said, no it was Peep. Peep said, J* poop!  Can't put one over on her any more. :D
Yogurt - ogurt
Pizza - peetzee
Computer - pooder (often heard, Daddy's pooder, Mommy's pooder, MY POODER!!)
Pen - pim  ;)

As far as me, well, I'm expanding rapidly.  Contrary to my hopeful belief that my maternity pants would stay up better as my belly got bigger, they are still sliding off. *sigh*  Can't wait for warm weather, I'll just wear dresses and forgo pants for the duration.

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