Petite ReviMo September!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Thank you for joining us for Petite ReviMo September! We are going with an oldie, but goodie, the Choose Your Own Revision Adventure from our ReviMo Classroom Style 2014.

These are the wonderful tips all our ReviMo Classroom Style guests gave us! Some of you joined us for ReviMo Classroom, but some of you haven't seen this yet, either way, I hope these tips light a revision fire for you!

Click to enlarge and print!

Also, I'm curious, do you find yourself pantstering or plotting these days? I used to be more  of a pantster, but have become more of a plotter.... Verrrry curious. Let me hear it! And thanks for joining us revising!


Vivian Kirkfield said...

Hi Meg - we all need encouragement! Thanks for the list of possible story sparks - you are right...sometimes taking a walk is how the muse will come to you.
I used to just sit down and write...but now that I've learned a bit more about the whole process, I think I plan a bit before...and during. And especially with non fiction picture books, because I'm researching a lot first. I revised one of my stories today...and did a couple of crit partners' stories as well. And started Julie Hedlund's new class. See you tomorrow. :)

Cecilia Clark said...

I am planning on plotting when I am able to really get back to writing. My head is always planning and plotting and pantsing and probably prancing about.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I'm doing a little of both. It varies with the story. For a nonfiction, because I have all these facts, I've been plotting. For a fiction story, I just write and see where the idea takes me. And, tomorrow could be completely different.

Doris Stone said...

I've always been a panster but after taking the Making Picture Book Magic course I'm trying to become a plotter. Either way, I need to focus on Revision! Thanks Meg for helping me to focus!

Charlotte Dixon said...

I'm a little of both. I'm trying my hand at nonfiction so I do have facts to help me plot. I worked on an ms today that was definitely pantster :) Thank you, Meg, for getting me back on track with older works.

Teresa Robeson said...

I've been revising, but it's an adult short story. Still a pantser, but going to work on being a plotter when I get back to writing novels. :)