Rabbit and Frog Strike Again

Thursday, November 17, 2005

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Here's a painting I did for an Art Festival. I sold it to some lady who thought it was hilarious and made a similar one for my friend Mo. :)

Went swing dancing last night, it was a lot of fun... I gotta say I was reluctant to go for whatever reason, but had a great time as usual. The Rumble Jetts were playin' up a storm and our instructor Ben was a dancin' fool. There were a lot of new people there for the class. Too fun! :)

Tonight I have a busy evening of crafting ahead of me. I signed up to do a craft swap through pinkpurpleandorange.com and I have to send it out very soon. I had every intention of not procrastinating, but the move threw me off. ;) That's my story and I'm Stickin' to it!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Kay Richardson said...

Magpie, I love that painting. Could you paint me?

Dan said...

I like the paintings too. I'll be a regular reader now.

Meg Miller said...

Thank you! ;)

Kay Richardson said...

More paintings! More posts!