Spring has sprung

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy spring all! Isn't this a cute picture of little Pooch? He's such a honey and quite a goofball.

Last night I went out to dinner at Lulu's with my FFFFFF co-member BL. We had a blast as usual. We established that I'm going to Belize in May and he's going to the Philippines, world travelers we two. :) I'm quite excited about going to the beach and perhaps scuba diving. My cousin told me you can go cave tubing there, NICE!!

We reminisced about our trip to Korma Sutra. I didn't blog about this before, but there was this pretty older lady at the table next to ours and as we were getting ready to leave a waiter came up to refill her water and she says, oh hello, how are your English lessons? He says, HUH? she says, how are your English lessons coming, i know you from the English as a Second Language classes? He says HUH? This continues on as we gather our things and leave the restaurant before we burst. My guess is that they are not going well. :) I shouldn't joke, I think HUH is a big part of my vocab too, but the context cracked me up.

We had big laughs over our new idea, the BRAG keyboard... This is a keyboard for the people who tend to brag ALOT. There will be keys with whole phrases, such as: I'm awesome!, I'm sexy! , You're never going to believe this!, Don't you wish you were me? ByE!. haha! This came about because I was imitating someone typing a bragging email and then BL says, your keyboard must be different than mine cuz your's seems to have a byE! key on it and I have to type with ten fingers while you use two (apparently i pretend type with two fingers and at the end sign off with a punch to the byE! key.) haha!

But alas, life is not all cherries. I've got the winter blahs...  But this too shall pass because spring has SPRUNG!

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