Monday, October 15, 2007

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Could he be any cuter? :)

What a lovely weekend.... Saturday was a gloomy, rainy day until sometime in the afternoon. Perfect for running errands and getting some things done around the house. I made some more clay creations which I'll post some day soon.

We went to see Webb Wilder Saturday night. He put on a great show as usual. What a hoot. :) It was outside and it was a really pretty night, slightly on the cool side, but nice.

C and Magpie exchange:

M: I think it's at 12th and McGee
C: Hey, I'm psychic! I was thinking 12th and Monkey!!
M: What am I thinking right now??
C: ...B*tthole...
M: Ummm hmmm

We watched Wild Hogs last night and it was a cute movie....

And now, back to work on a Monday. :)

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