Halloween Extravaganza

Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween Extravaganza
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Here are more of the creations I've been working on lately. I've been on a Fimo'ing binge you might say. :) I think I'm almost ready to go back to painting for a while... We shall see. The guy on the left isn't done yet, he just got baked (heh heh) last night. I think I will paint him and I might add mummy wrappings. Opinions? Too mummify or not to mummify...

I've been feeling a bit of the in-a-rut blues lately. I need to do something to shake up my existence. Start a big project, something...

C is gearing up working on his beater car. He said I could form a skull in the head liner. It's droopy so we'll be pulling out what's there. Have any of you seen that on hotrods? It's pretty neat. I think they build it with foam and then mold the liner around it. There's probably tutorials online. I'll have to look around.

C and I had Indian food with Big, my favorite foreign food friend earlier this week at Cafe Tandoor. It was pretty good. There was much re-telling of funny old stories and laughs. Our waitress seemed super sweet, but a smidge silly.

When we were settling up, Big handed over our credit cards.

Big: "Can you put one third on this card and two thirds on this card?"
Waitress: "So you want half and half?"
Big: "Sigh..."

Big made fun of me (again) over the sting ray comment. **sigh** I know manatees and sting rays are different. I WAS THINKING MANTA RAYS!! haha! That's okay, cuz when the waitress brought our food out she set down a little pot with a candle in it and Big leaned over and peered into it cuz he thought it was one of our dishes and he couldn't believe it was in such a small bowl! heh heh heeh ehhhhe!

Good times.... Good peeps....

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Zari said...

these are sooooo cute!