I know I shouldn't laugh...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

C & I went to see my older brother's family and my folks yesterday. My niece K looks just like her mom, she's so pretty. She's going to be one in a couple weeks, unbelievable And my nephew E, who's 2 1/2? Well, he's as cute as a button and looks just like his dad. And he's a hoot.

Quotes from the boy:

Upon getting up close to the elephants at the zoo - "They smell poopy", "There are lots of cords" (he's very into appliances and cords - pretends to plug in toys in -via pieces of string stuck in books or between cushions).

Sitting on my lap after tooting- "Maymay, I smell something. Are you poopy?"

He kept saying - "Are you Kooky bad cat?" (Kooky is the nickname for my poor cat who isn't fond of strangers, but is quite fond of showing her lack of fondness for strangers - via hissing and swatting). Then he started just calling me Kooky and it sounded like cookie, so I called him cracker. He thought that was hilarious for a while. haha!

When he gets especially tickled, he says, "OHhhhh Poppa" or "OHhhhh Maymay" etc. Not necessarily the name of whomever amused him.

He was sitting beside me, reaching around me to pet our Aunt Ann's ex-guide dog Cleo and he put his arm around me and said, "Maymay, I love you." Melt my heart why don'tcha.

He's a honey and so is his little sister K. She's starting to talk now, she says Dada and Doggie and duck. She keeps a close watch on E and is often amused by his craziness. :) She's walking and crawling.

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