Monday, February 4, 2008

I began watching the Superbowl thinking it'd be cool to see the Patriots have a perfect season, but toward the end of the game I started pulling for the Giants. They were playing an amazing game and I think they earned the win. Not to mention, I can't believe the Patriots didn't go for the field goal, what the heck. I think they'll be kicking themselves for that for a long time.

Then this morning, I read this:

"The season means nothing now," Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs said. "It means nothing to me. As far as these players and great coaches I am around, this organization, I love them to death. But we didn't accomplish what we wanted to. Time after time when you continually win and so many people are out there not wanting you to win – to lose at the very end just hurts. You know it is all for nothing."

And I'm even more glad that the Giants won. What the heck, they go 18-0 and just cuz they didn't win the Superbowl it means nothing? What a bunch of babies. :)

You probably won't hear football talk from me any time soon. Maybe ever.

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bella said...

That attitude is pathetic! I didn't really care, but then when I thought about it, I wanted the Giants for two reasons- the Patriots already had a great year and could do without one game, and their early season scandal over recording play signs just made me pull for the underdog. By the end, when they didn't go for the field goal, it was obvious that the Giants wanted it more as they played a great game.