Reunion Part 1 - Short story

Thursday, August 28, 2008

***After reading PioneerWoman's romance story, or part of it at least, I decided to post a story. this is a fictious short story I wrote in college, enjoy**

Sitting in the back seat behind my mother, I looked over at my father, confidently maneuvering the car through some heavy traffic. Then I looked at my brother next to me and thought how alike and yet completely different father and son are. Like me, my brother had inherited a fierce temper and a reserved nature from our mother. That sounds like a weird combination, I know, but believe me that is exactly what we have. My father, on the other hand, is very laid back and he rarely loses his temper.

Lately though, conflicts between my younger brother Joe and my parents had been driving all of us over the brink. Having already passed through this teenage rebellion my brother had sunk into, like a leaf pulled into a whirlpool, I wanted to reach into his head and push the button that would give him the understanding and tolerance that maturity would bring. If only it were possible. Sighing deeply, I thought of the years it could take for him to reach this understanding. I shook my head. Maybe having children was overrated. Fidgeting against the uncomfortable press of the seat, I searched for a less painful position. I swear the car seats get harder, and this trip gets longer every year.

**to be continued, click here to read part 2**

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