Reunion Part 2 - Short Story

Sunday, August 31, 2008

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We’re making our yearly pilgrimage to Fort Collins, Colorado to see my mom’s brother and his kids. His daughter Kally is not only my cousin, she is also my best friend. Not having seen her in a couple of years, I thought about seeing her again. I smiled at the thought of her. I had always wanted to look just like her, with her naturally curly brown hair and soulful brown eyes. Not so many years ago after telling her how much I had always envied her looks she told me that she had felt the same way about me. She had always been the one whom I could tell anything and she could tell me anything, even though it had often been done through letters, instead of in person. It had never made a difference. She’d always been the outgoing one, while I hung back shy. Her energy and excitement had affected me over the years, though, and I became more extroverted. She had done whatever she wanted and had hauled me along. Her parents had gotten a divorce a few years before. Soon after it her mom had moved to Spokane, Washington and had taken the kids with her. Kally and I had been friends practically since birth and we had always lived apart. We had written to each other all our lives, but with her move and both of us starting college, our correspondence had lessened and finally ceased. It had been so long. I wondered what she was like. I wondered what she looked like and what she’d been doing.

“What did Uncle Evan say Kally said when he told her we were coming?” I asked for at least the tenth time.

“He just said that they were all excited that we were coming,” my mom replied shortly.

Wriggling once again, I looked at Joe and marveled at his ability to sleep through all of this. In his sleep he had slumped over in an awkward position and it looked painful.

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