The many faces of Handsome Pooch

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is the look he gives you when you take his ball away to try to get a picture of him without it. What do you think he's thinking?? Comment with a caption and I'll send the author of my favorite caption an 8 x 10 of The Pooch!


Lacey said...

So I’m thinking of a slow drawling monotone voice: ‘where’s the butler? If I can’t have my ball, then I’ll need a glass of Jamesons ..maybe two. And my pipe, what the devil happened to my pipe?’

Millipede Bead said...

Oh, these ladies and their cameras. Don't they know they don't need a piture of me since I'm going to live forever?

mettle design studio said...

your dog is sooooooo gorgeous! what a great face!