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Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 pairs of overalls (1 brand new Gymboree - came with one of the onesies, orig. $45)
1 pair of pants
4 sleepers (one 12mo, but it had hippos on it, too cute!)
3 onesies
1 funny elephant book
1 pair Gymboree shoes, look brand new
1 bohemian dress
1 maternity outfit (shirt and capris)
changing pad

A friend and I went to the Moms of Multiples Sale and a sale yesterday.  I wasn't overly impressed with the first sale.  A lot of stuff was stained around the neck and some stuff was pretty pricey for being used.  The second sale was half off because it was their last day and I got a lot of good deals.

These are my spoils from last weekend.  Two dresses and a wee sweater for $7.   I got a few kid's books too, 25 cents each.  I heart bargains!!

Here are some deals I got a while back from thrift stores.  I think I spent maybe $10?  I love the little onesies (frogs, clouds, stripes) not to mention the crocodile sleeper!

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