Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two weeks ago now we were basking in the warm sun on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera... (The buddha spreads out funny when I lay down.) I was nervous to bare the bump at first, but there are all sorts of body types out there, so what the heck!

We snorkeled a lot... The water was un poco frio so I bought a wet shirt. It didn't cover the buddha very well, but it'll work great when the baby comes and the belly goes.

Hubs's better at diving down than I am.

I'm impeded by the bump when diving down. Or maybe the bum cuz I think I was bad pre-bump.

Hubs zoomin' in Yal-ku Lagoon. The salt water was mixing in with the fresh there and it made the water look shimmery.

We didn't see any turtles/tortugas the first day, but the second day we figured out where to look in Akumal Bay and we saw five all in a row. Hubs took this pic with his aforementioned diving skills.

This one's kinda fuzzy (my photo, you'll have gathered why), but still a neat tortuga pic. I just gotta get closer to stuff.

Yal-ku Lagoon. I think this used to be coral, but now it's above the water, pretty crazy looking.

Other cool ocean sitings: 6 foot barracuda - we saw him twice, once when the water was pretty stirred up and we were practically on top of each other before we could see each other. We stopped and he veered off. whew! haha!). Wall of fish - we saw this twice too, once when I had no camera and once when the water was murky. Pretty small fishes (6" to a foot) as far as you can see left and right. As you swim towards them, they kinda bend away from you, it was pretty amazing how tight their formation was.

We also visited Dos Ojos Cenote which was so incredible. In one area you are swimming in a cave that curves in a half moon and opens all along one side. There are tiny fish in the water and ginormous boulders below you and stalagtites hanging from the ceiling. So crazy. I gotta admit I was nervous of the crevices in the boulders at first, but I realized there wasn't enough fish or vegetation to support anything very large in there (I hope!). ;)

A man in a little t-shirt shop called me "mamita", little mama, I think. I like it...

We ate some really scrumptious food...
Loncheria - Omelette ala Mexicana for me and Huevos Mexicana for Hubs... They had the BEST pico de gallo. The last time we ate there I made it a game to see how much I could pile on my omelette.

Lol Ha - Sea Food Pasta Buffet... You got to pick what seafood, veggies and spices, alfredo or marinara (to die for) sauce. Heavenly....

Lucy's Kitchen - Shrimp and fish tacos and smoothies, yum!

Ismelda's - Enchiladas - wow they were good and so filling. 4 enchiladas and rice and beans for like $3. We ate there the last day and ended up wishing we'd tried it earlier in our trip!

I had a blast using my crappy Spanish on taxi drivers. There was usually someone at the taxi stand who could speak English, but many of our taxi drivers only spoke a bit of English. The one day there was no one who spoke English at the taxi stand was the day we wanted to go to Xcacel Beach. I wanted to know if they would take us and wait, but couldn't remember the word for wait. haha! When we got to Xcacel the taxi driver taught me in Spanish and asked how to say it in English, pretty cute.

Every time we visit a country like this I'm struck by how simply people live. It makes me yearn to simplify, but then I come back to the states and I'm inundated by marketing telling me everything I NEED. It's so easy to get sucked into consumerism and the hurry hurry mentality.


camie said...

great pics (makes me want to go there, dangit!) and kudos to you for baring the bump! sounds like a great trip, and it's nice you got a babymoon in before your life changes forEVAH! changes in a good way, that is. but if you figure out a way to go snorkeling after you have kids, let me know cuz I want in on that! :~)

bella said...

I didn't realise you had traveled, but you've got some great photos to show us what we've missed. It sounds like a great trip, and I loved that you bared the bump, mamita! I need to figure out this travel thing you do for you make me want to go places and do things like you.

Michelle said...

Hey there!

CONGRATS on the pregnancy ... I know I'm way late in saying that!

I hope you are doing well! If you need or want any help with maternity or newborn photos just give me a holler!! I have a studio set up in the house now!

You are due soon right ... How exciting!!! :)

Your trip sounded like it was awesome. Great pics!

I hope to hear from you soon!!