Peep at 4 months

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's so amazing to look at old pictures and see a skinny little Peep.  Was she really THAT little?

Diaper changes take longer now because she grabs my pinkie with one hand and my sleeve with the other and then tries to chew on my sleeve.  haha!   She's also found her feet and likes to grab her toes mid diaper change.  She drools like crazy most of the time and blows a lot of spit bubbles.

You can tell when she's excited to see you or is having fun because she waves her little arms around and whacks her side with them and smiles her funny wide mouth smile.

She's rolled over from her stomach to her back several times, but she can't always do it, yet. Yesterday she did it 4 times in a row, like a champ and then today couldn't seem to figure it out. I'm sure that in a week or so she'll have it down pat and then tummy time will be on her terms!

Sometimes I have to go in and peek at her at night to make sure it's real.  I'm a parent? And some mornings when she wakes up and I go to get her, I'm astounded again by this perfect little person Hubs and I made.  Amazing....

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