Toes and whatnot...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is my you weren't in this position when I put you down for your nap picture (should that be hyphenated? ah well, too many hyphens for me, italics will have to do). She's so adorable, she just melts my heart down into my shoes several times a day.

Saturday night we went to Jim and Becky's wedding reception. A cute couple there came up to talk to me about Peep. Apparently they have a baby about the same age. Comparing notes, we found they were born on the same day! They inquired if Peep was chewing on her toes yet. "Not yet," said I. Then Sunday morning the pjs were off for a diaper change and the toes went up to the mouth, not for a chew though, just for a lick. Toe lollipop anyone?

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