Monday, January 9, 2006

Kind of a random drawing... I don't know why everyone is a frog except for Ben the dance instructor, but whatever.

My weekend was kinda weird. Had inventory Friday after work and that made for a long day. Hung out with Hubs, just chattin' and goofin' and helped him bring up some firewood. Sat. went back to inventory. Blech.

Ah well, it's done now!!

Saturday night Hubs and I ate at a Cajun place. YUM. Great shrimp fettucine. :)

Sunday was ALL MINE! I went mt. biking with Jt and crew. Good times. I was dying though, I've gotten shamefully outta shape when 9 easy mt. bike miles kick my heiney. Time to get back to exercising. *Sigh* :)

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Anonymous said...

Not only is Ben not a frog, but he looks kinda like a samuri... :)