Frog Family

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Frog Family
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I'm really diggin frogs lately. I tried to draw something else, but i just wasn't feeling it. haha! It seems to be spring where these frogs are...

Went dancing last night, it was fun, as usual. My dancing partner is a hoot. :) Too much fun.

Then we watched part of Easy Rider. I've never seen it before, but my dad had the record and my brother and I used to listen to it and dance around the living room. Haha!

Yes, well.... other than that not much to say other than Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday!!

I'll be chillin' like a villain this weekend, after C and I go to Benny's Sock Hop tomorrow night. Oughta be a good time. :) And we are going to Dick's first to exchange my Christmas present..... cuz it was mislabeled as a shirt, but it was pants.

My dear friend Big L. is in Canada working and freezing his buns off for a couple months. KK and I are going to have to go get dosas without him. *sigh* But we'll go again when Boss (that's what the waiter calls him at the Indian Cafe-haha!) gets back.


Anonymous said...

I love the multi-colored grass in this one...nice! And PS...can I be included in the dosa getting? That sounds yummy. Now I'm hungry!

Dan said...

Pray tell, how long does it take you to paint all of these pictures. Are they all from a backlog of accumulated works or current productions?

Meg Miller said...

Not terribly long for these images that i draw, scan and then color with Photoshop. They are all current. :)