At last

Thursday, February 16, 2006

At last
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I've been checking out Bobi's adorable creations, this is one of them... The amazing talent of some people!!

I'm going to see Evita tomorrow, should be interesting and cultural! Gotta get my culture fix since it's too blinking cold to go to the gallery openings any time soon. :) I'm really ready for spring now. Although this nice blast of cold with help with the bugs and allergens this season and I'm cool with that!

Went to a yummy Italian restaurant with C last night. He's an amazing guy, funny, smart, interesting, calm. C-- you're awesome!

I'm listening to The Faint this a.m. Thanks little M. They are an interesting band. A smidge dark, yet fun music, I think...

I'm humidifying my home and office as I've got the winter sinus funk. blech. For any of you who suffer from that or allergies, I have two words for you, saline nasal spray. Ok 3 words, whatever. :) It's not the magic cure all, but it's definitely cut down on my incidences of sinus misery. It's kind gross, but worth it.

One more thing, my friend Mel has been featured in Dirt Rag for her cool illy's. Check her out!


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beautiful painting!

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