Thursday... A good day for robots...

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Big Head
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Hucubus Park
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Robot and Sparrow
Robot and Sparrow
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I think robots are cool, especially cute robots. :) So here are some cuties...

Randomness--- When I was in college my friend Tamara and I were renting an apartment. This one property management lady showed us a few different apartments, on a few different days. And each day she was harried, running late, disorganized and she always said, I'm so sorry, I'm having a day.

Which is kinda funny to me, for some reason... :) Cuz yes, it is a day and indeed you are "having it." We also thought it was funny that every day she was so rushed and harried. That was back in college though, when despite working and going to school I had an astonishing amount of laid back, hang out time. Today I can relate a bit more to being so frazzled....

I gotta slow down! :)

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Unknown said...

Your robots are so lovely! They're so so cute.