Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm loving this top from Chopstix Waits.

I hope all of you have tomorrow off like I do. I'm really looking forward to more chill time!

More silliness from the home of Magpieskinnies. I told C that I was nervous/upset about a work dealy and here's how it went down after that:
C: Don't worry, you'll be fine and you'll be bouncin' around like a rubber chicken.
Me (laughing): What? That's weird. I'm going to say that to you the next time you're stressed.
C: You can't say that! That one's mine.
Me: Okay then I'll say, Don't worry C, it'll be fine and you'll be eating leaves off the top of a tree like a giraffe. You'll be swimmin' like a plastic wind up frog.

Okay, so we're weird. Sue me.

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