Lovely weekend....

Monday, July 21, 2008

I rented Penelope, which was a very lovely movie, gorgeous colors, sets, costumes. The movie was sweet, but seemed a bit short to me; I would have liked more character development. More of her friendship with Annie and the bartender, etc. Picky picky, right?

Saw Mamma Mia. Mamma Mia is set in Greece so there's gorgeous scenery mixed with fun Abba songs, terrible singing by Pierce Brosnan and cheesy acting by all in the cast. Cute fluffy movie. :)
Pooch and I went mountain biking Sunday. It was HOT! I'd stop at any puddle or stream so he could lay down in an attempt to cool off. The path I like to take we go by a little pond that he likes to jump into. So after taking his swim he was doing his customary "drying off" by rolling around in the grass. He was right on the edge of the pond, head downhill, getting precariously close to falling in. I warned him, but... BLOOP, in he went. haha! Kinda slid in head first and then somersaulted around. Kooky dog.

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