Thursday, July 10, 2008

C and I went on a bike ride around our 'hood last night. It's pretty and hilly, a nice ride. EXCEPT when the dogs from a certain house at the top of a hill chase us. On the first pass of the house we are going down hill on the same side as them. Not too bad because usually by the time they spot us we are whizzing by too fast to chase.

On the way UP the hill, usually they don't run out across the street, but last night they did. Both of them and then from nowhere a 3rd dog I'd never seen there before. The other two dogs headed at C behind me and the third dog ran after me. I cranked up that hill faster than I ever have.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how scary! But a great motivator, eh? I could use a scary dog on most days.

camie said...

Guess that's one way to get cranking. Scary, though!