Friday, January 19, 2007

Korma Sutra - Sensual Cuisine of India
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So the newly named Funny Foreign Food Friends Forever Foundation met last night for some tasty Indian food.... B.L. and I (yes, there are only two members in the foundation) chose Korma Sutra and it was delightful.

We had:
Chana Batura - chickpeas and fried bread; Chicken Korma - chicken in a coconut curry sauce; Safron basmati rice; Galub Jamin - deep fried sweet dough ball in syrup; chai tea, rice pudding and mango ice cream. yummm.....

We laughed our bums off about every silly thing we've ever seen, done, etc. while we were hanging out. B.L. B.L. did a little dodge and weave table game with the dessert while the nice waitress was trying to set down the multiple dessert items and chai tea, he's so smoooooooth.... And then when was loading up the leftovers I attempted to help by putting the bread in the to-go box. He then accused a passing waiter of taking his bread, to the poor man's astonishment. haha! B.L. you light up my life, you're a hoot.

Apparently only two things make B.L. mad - when you take away his Indian bread or you don't let him go to the Virgin Islands.

The Foundation meeting proceeded to McCoys following dinner. I have two words for you -- Hogpound Brown... yum.

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Anonymous said...

D ate at the same place, I think the same day. He loved it, and found out their super hot is actually hot. Next time he'll step back a level. ;)