Hermann Wineries

Monday, January 8, 2007

So this weekend C and I went to Hermann, MO to visit the wineries. We took the Amtrak and stayed at Birk's Gasthaus. A house built in 1886 by Michael Poeschel who also built Stone Hill Winery. It's a little walk from the train station (10 or so blocks?), but they will come pick you up if you ask.

Birk's Gasthaus Room 9

The trip started off with a bang as we woke up at 7:30 (instead of 6, don't know what happened to the alarm) raced to Independence and missed the train. Then we raced to Sedalia and caught the train there. It made the start of our relaxing weekend a bit crazy, but once we got on the train we could slow down and appreciate the scenery.

Hermann's a cute little town. I guess January is slow for them, so some of the B&Bs, restaurants and stores close down for the month. There were still a LOT of antique stores. I'm thinking there must be a lot of wine lovers who are also antique lovers... We had lunch at Trapper's Tavern. The food was okay. Everyone seemed unnaturally perky in there and there was a man who appeared to be eating his last meal, he had a big steak dinner, a Guinness and then to top it off a huge piece of cheesecake and coffee. Then he headed to the bar to have goodness only knows what. :) I'd have had to roll home for a nap after a lunch like that.

C and I headed to the Hermannhof Winery. We toured the building; saw the stone wine cellars and then sampled some wine. Then we bought a bottle of wine (Chambourcin Vin-Gris, considered a dry red, but I thought it was fairly sweet) and cheese and crackers and chilled for a while.

Hermannhof Stone Wine Cellar

Sunday morning we had a great breakfast at Birk's and then had to ask for a ride to the train, instead of walking like we planned because we realized the train left at 10 instead of 11. We don't usually have such trouble with being late and all, I'm not sure what it was with us and the train. :)

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