Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snow Art
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Saturday we finally got some snow. Man, did it dump! We got about 4 inches in a matter of a few hours. :) We were going to take Hubs's mom and SD (visiting for the weekend) to the monster truck show, but the roads were too slick. So Hubs and I went sledding.

We tried the hill going down to the pond (after testing the ice), but there were some big bumps and after launching off one, to land abruptly on the ice, we decided to move. We tried the other side of the pond - not steep enough. So we went further back and found the perfect hill. :)

We went sledding on it last night and the snow's melted a bit and our sled track had gotten really slick so sledding was way more exciting - we went a heck of a lot faster. Pooch kept trying to get on my lap, then he'd jump off when I started going and start biting at my coat sleeve. He ran down the hill behind Hubs with a grip on his hat. haha! What a goofy dog.

C also pulled J and I behind the Bronco on our sleds. It was a hoot!! When he pulled us up hills the tires spun a bit and dusted us with snow. My face was coated in snow after it. haha! J said his eyeballs were frozen. hee hee....


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Sounds like so much fun!