Rose Red Ballerinas

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rose Red Ballerinas
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Magpie Skinny.

Hmm... I'm having a craptastic day. Work is bananas and I just want to be at home making something. Lately though, it seems that by the time I get home I've lost all my inspiration and steam. Anybody out there gotta secret for how you get MUCH done when it gets dark at 6 and you have a case of the winter blahs? If so, do tell....

Yours unmotivatedly,
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ellia said...

oh i know the feeling.... except i cant work if its sunny!!! sunny days make me wanna enjoy the weather, while cloudy and late nights make me wanna grab a cup of coffee and start working on art.... hmmmm, why dont you mess with paper?? hahahah, my solution to everything is paper and coffee :) i would love to see you do your frogs in paper.... your work makes ME wanna.... if paper wont work, how about trying something super simple... like packs of your froggies so you can sell... not too much creativity needed just repitition.... or maybe make a art goal- like make a card deck of your designs... from 2-10, with the aces and the king and such... have king frog, queen frog, and so forth... i could see a nice deck of cards with your work.... oh wait! bake some cookies... yum, cookies can put anyone in a good mood (unless you burn them, then you end up feeling worse than before).... either way, the creativity vibes will kick in- your work holds up :)

gosh, i hope this wasnt a rhetorical question hahahahahahahha

ellia said...
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ellia (again) said...

oh geez, it did a double post!!! you can delete one please :)