Craftiness and some free patterns!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Here's the bunny I made for my niece. She was to come see us this weekend with C's dad and nephew, but she was sick and couldn't come. Hope you like her Livy!

While I'm in the crafting spirit I'm going to post some links to free softie patterns online!

Cute duck from Mariska.

Chibi bunny from My Little Mochi.

Scotty Dog from AllSorts.

Pointy kitty from Wee Wonderfuls.


Anonymous said...

The bunny is cute...good work!

Meg Miller said...

Thank you!! :)

Maanav MJ Sandhe said...

wow great patterns!

Meg Miller said...

I agree!! There are some great crafty people sharing fun stuff on the internet. :D