Good times

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Humorous encounters of late (at least I found them humorous, but I'm kinda weird)...

Talking about movie Pride and Prejudice:
Me: Can you imagine calling your husband Mr.?
J: Well, those were different times, but maybe if you were angry with him...
Me: When I'm angry with Hubs I call him b*h*le. Mr. B*h*le seems a bit formal.

Talking about bread:
Me: I'd like to try making my own bread.
P: Do you have a bread machine?
Me: No...
P: Well how are you going to do it then?
Me: People did make bread before bread machines...

Finding Hubs's passport in the second place he had looked after going through every single thing we own to find it (also the same place he found our marriage cert. after "losing" it).
Me: Next time you lose something I think I should look through that drawer.
Hubs: I was looking through this drawer like a monkey lookin' for fleas!
Me: I think you were looking through that drawer like a monkey lookin' for a banana, not a passport.

haha! Ohhh... good times. ;)

And here's a funny Daily Chuck pic from Dooce.

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