Sunday, March 9, 2008

We went to my niece's first b-day party this weekend. She's a sweet little girl and quite the cutie. :)

I had a good time goofing with the boys, they played a funny version of peekaboo and were cracking themselves up. J is a buster, C's mom think he looks a lot like C when he was small.

I taught E a new word (it's so fun being an aunt). We were sitting on the couch and he pulled his socks off. Then he turned his foot over and said, "i have stuff in there" (blue lint from his socks). I said, you've got toe jam. So I told him to run and tell his mom that he had toe jam. He kept going "I got toe jam in me!" (squinching up his nose on the toe jam part.) haha!

Good times... He had a parents as teachers meeting and when the teacher asked him what he wanted to finger paint he said a solar system. She'd not heard that one before, surprisingly. ha! He's a funny little man. ;)

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