Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm loving this picture by Jim Skea on Flickr. It makes me feel kinda mellow and floaty just looking at it. I've been jonesing quite badly to have another tropical getaway. Last year's trip to Belize was an eye opener as I'd always been skeered of the ocean, but I loved getting in and snorkeling. I can't wait to do it again.

Work is stressing me out big time and lately I've been deal with the stress poorly. I'm considering quitting it all and becoming a seldom-bathing, dread wearing, festival going hippie with no cell phone. :) I'm gonna leave it allllll behind.


Matt Keeling said...

I know it is mainstream but I really recommend the lineup at Bonnaroo this year.

bella said...

Gorgeous photo! I'd love to return somewhere tropical. Spend a month on the beach, snorkeling and reading, and just get over all this work/life/drama that's going around.

Hang in there.