Halloween Swap

Sunday, October 23, 2005

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I received my package for the Halloween Swap, thank you Holly! :) Some sweets, cute halloweeny cupcake papers and an adorable black cat bucket, with lid.

I got it Friday, but was out with friends, ate at my favorite Chinese restaurant and then I went on the Pub Crawl for Cancer yesterday, whew! I'm chillin' like a villian today. :)

I went to breakfast this morning with my good friend Big Larr. I gave him a gummy nose that was in my halloween package and told him he should stick it to his head at work, which led to him telling me a story about his 14 year old self taking one of those little basketball goals with suction cups and sticking the suction cup to his head. Apparently his forehead has a bit of an inset, a divet if you will and the suction cup grabbed on quite nicely. :) Leaving Big Larr with a suction cup hickey on his forehead. hee hee. :)

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