Happy Halloooooween!

Monday, October 31, 2005

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Hope you have a spooktacular one. Bwa hahahaha!

I went to the roller derby Saturday. What a hoot! It was Heaven vs. Hell. Heaven's team was decked out in white and gold and Hell's team was all vamped up in black and red... :) It was pretty entertaining. They really do knock each other down, throwing elbows, etc.

Then yesterday I went to see my sister in law and my adorable chubby nephew, who is 4 mo. now I believe. We took him to the park, he likes to sit on your lap and swing. The whole time we were out walkin' he was really quiet just looking around and taking it all in. He's a sweetie.


Watched Grey's Anatomy last night... I figured Derek would stay with his wife or something. It'd take away from the drama for them to get together...

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Anonymous said...

I like this one!! this seems like a lot of work but a good way to get your work diplayed ~~~~~~~~~~Sharon~~~~~~~~~~