Thursday, October 20, 2005

I went to see the Rumble Jetts at a bar last night, they are a fun band. :) I did some East Coast swing dancing, although I'm not all that good, I had a lot of fun. And if you can't be the best dancers, you can be the ones having a bunch of fun, right??

There was a guy there doing crazy things with his legs and he'd go down on one knee and the girl would be spinning past. That's a terrible description but it was pretty swanky.

And this is a great band to check out Split Lip Rayfield. They're a lot of fun.


Jefe said...

So was this cat doing some crazy hand jive?

Meg Miller said...

Haha!! more jivin' with his feet... he looked really old school fancy. he'd stick his leg out bent and point his toe and move his leg back and forth and then he'd spin the girl and drop down to one knee as she went past.. :) wish i had better terminology for it. ha!

Anonymous said...

You must be here in town! One of our best friends is (was) the bass player for the Rumblejets. I mean he still plays, but I think the Rumblejets are no longer rumblin'.