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Friday, June 16, 2006

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This is my illustration friday illo from last week's topic, Jungle. A bit late, but i'm putting it on my blog nonetheless. It was a pretty appropriate topic for me since C and I went to the zoo on Sunday.. :)
We saw lions, red pandas, emus, kangaroos, chimps, hippos, etc.

My cousin and his wife stayed with me Wed. night on their way to Bonnaroo. Sounds like a lot of good music jam packed into one weekend. I would have like to see Andrew Bird, guess he is playing there... :)

D&E are getting married tonight. I can't believe how time flies. They seem really happy together and I'm happy for them. S and I bought them a present of Target and had it gift wrapped and shipped. Maybe it's lazy, but I think it's LOVELY.

Happy Friday everyone.


Dan said...

I just LOVE your work. It is so delightful.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! i'm new to your site...and came here to thank you so much for the lovely gift tag!! my swap arrived this morning, and i'm so delighted with all the tags...LOVE the frogs, and BTW, love your illustration here.

"Maggie & Kevin" said...

Cute, Cute, like your illustrations, the stick legs are a hoot...love the frogs too. Tea for two is sweet and their toes so funny.

Thanks for stopping by and for your supportive comments! :)