Thursday, June 22, 2006

I always thought Pooch was a cool, unique dog, but he continues to amaze me. Saturday Hubs and I were out on his land picking raspberries he'd noticed were ripe. Pooch is out there with his frisbee, which we tossed for him a couple times. I'm picking along on the raspberries when Pooch walks in between Hubs and I and starts eating raspberries off the bushes!! He seemed to only eat the ripe ones and he'd kinda get in there with his teeth and pick them off. Huh.....incredible! I don't know if this is something he just does (cuz he seemed to know what he was doing) or if he just really thinks he's a person and he was imitating Hubs and I. Funny boy.


Anonymous said...

Aw! Max is cool!

Meg Miller said...

Isn't he smart?? He was probably hungry cuz he'd been out running around with C all morning and hadn't eaten his dog food (too much excitement for that, haha!).