Wednesday, June 7, 2006

She's a star...
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Here's a little watercolor I did. I want to take a watercolor class so I can learn to do washes. Gosh Darn Knit does great watercolors, I love her stuff.

Fun things I've done lately:

*saw X-men III at the drive-in (i LOVE drive-in theaters)
*more tractor mowing (i feel so tough when i do it, silly but i enjoy it!)
*went out on C's boat, didn't swim yet, maybe this weekend
*went to a roller skating party at a friend's loft. i need rollerskates!
*went shopping with little m (marshall's had really cute tees!)

I bought some shrinky dink paper day before yesterday. I"m excited to make some pendants, etc. out of it. Anyone played with it much? Any advice?

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