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Friday, June 9, 2006

Frog Shrinky dink
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I got Shrinky dink paper the other day and made a couple last night... The first one was cute, but too dark in spots, but this one turned out pretty good. :)

I went and road biked last night, 22.5 miles. Relatively flat, but I was really pushing myself to go fast, so it was a good workout. I had some people pass me, but on my 6th and final lap I was dying and not really going fast at all and some guy who looked to be out riding casually (no helmet, etc.) was coming up on me and I got all competitive and punched it. Road probably as fast as my first lap, so I was impressed with myself! of course some fancy roadie biker passed me for the third time on the final stretch. **sigh** ah well, I don't need to be the fastest rider, just want to make sure I'm pushing myself so I get stronger!

ps. Ellen said my "Portrait" illustration for Illustration Friday made her laugh out loud, which really made my day. Thanks Ellen!

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