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Messy desk

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Messy desk
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I love this article. See I have a messy desk because I'm EFFICIENT. :)

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Scuba Diving!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Under Water
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Well, I successfully completed my diving classwork and poolwork. Now I have to do an open water dive to get certified. I must say, while the classwork was a breeze (never mind my complaining all week about doing homework) and I only missed one on the final, the poolwork was TOUGH.

We started out swimming 4 laps, then treading water 10 minutes, easy-peasy. Then we suited up with the air tanks and other paraphenalia - good grief!! Lots of equipment. And putting a regulator in your mouth and attempting to breathe while going underwater, very freaky at first.

We had to simulate all the different ascents, from normal to complete emergency. It was interesting and tough. I was zonkered at the end of it.

ahhhh scuba. we shall see how i do on the open water dives.