Vacation July 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

What a lovely trip to the lake... Peep has grown and changed so much in the two weeks we can't believe it. She's suddenly saying a lot of words.

We discovered she is ready for and loves the sandbox...

She's climbing up on more furniture AND we've taught her how to turn around and climb back down! She never ceases to amaze us with how bright and sweet she is.

We saw lots of geese (in fact everything was "geese" as far as Peep was concerned), swans, ducks and even had a sandhill crane who liked to fish of ours and neighboring piers in the morning. Peep loved to watch all the birds. I especially like the crane because he looks so comical walking around on those long legs with knobby knees.

Vacation moments:
Driving in the van, heads bobbing to Love Machine.
Peep at 5 a.m. from pack n' play - "mama? maamaa?" some shuffling and then she's back asleep.
Peep - Patting screen door with both hands saying, "I go, I go, I go." Gets shoes and sits on kitchen floor and fiddles with the velcro.
Pooch's first few jumps into the lake off the pier are so tentative and he usually dunks himself a few times, then by the end of vacation he's flying off there like a champ!
Hanging out with family - lovely!
Peep hanging over side of rowboat as we are motoring across the lake, trying to touch the spray kicking up.
Peep pointing at ducks, swans and geese saying, " Geese geese geese!"
Peep following Grandma and Grandpa's granddaughter) around and then standing at a closed door saying, "Ooee? Oooeee?"