Another year...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another birthday!  Birthdays always seem like a good day for some introspection, where I am, where I thought I'd be and where I'm headed.  A good day to reflect on just how lucky I am to be married to my best friend and to have the sunniest, sweetest little girl and to be happy for our family's health.

So here goes!

Past: I try not to have regrets, but... a few still linger.  I remind myself that every choice I made led to where and who I am today and in that I am truly blessed.
Present: Loving it. Looking forward to what each new day brings. Peep is growing and changing every day and she brings me such joy.  (Even when she is yelling at me, "ma! ma! or maybe especially then, haha!).
Future: I want to do more art, more selling of said art, more blogging, more yoga and more bible study.

Monarch Migration

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We had loads and loads of Monarchs in our trees last night and our camera just wasn't up to the job!!  Nothing makes me want a fancy camera more than an instance like this.  It was gorgeous and majestic.  One of the most beautiful things I've seen.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've updated the blog just a bit, shocking I know.  Not only have I been a lazy poster, but I also didn't touch the header or background in at least 2 years if not more. I was sick of it, were you?  I'm working on a new header, perhaps something for fall.  That might inspire me to do a new header before two years..  or it might not.  ;)

Wedding weekend...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First we hit Greaserama. Gorgeous day to check out hot rods and rat rods and see some friends.

Then head outta town for Sam and Alison's wedding!

Weekend snippets:
Peep on Aunt D*'s lap during the wedding ceremony, rifling her purse. Thanks D*! You were a lifesaver, I didn't think she'd sit down for the wedding! :D
Peep leaning her head back on Uncle Tony a long time in a Peep style hug.
Peep walking a big circle around the wedding crowd, doing a little nature walk waiting for wedding time.
K* doing a little ballet spin while Peep watched, then Peep leaning forward, arms out behind her going Ohhohoh- her version of a ballet move I guess. :D
K* about Peep, "She's a mess maker!" (Usually when we get together Peep will shriek or yell or something and K* says, "She's a noiser!")
At the wedding reception Peep squealing and then running to Nana arms wide open.
E* bringing me a little folder with a folded piece of paper stuck in that stuck out when you opened it. I said, "What's this a nose?" E*, "YES!" Then peals of giggles. :D
Laughing over margaritas with some of the family post wedding.
Hanging out with Uncle Al and his lovely girlfriend Laurie.
S* and A* exchanging vows while she tried to hold his hands and hold her dress down.
Peep putting a piece of banana to her ear and doing her talking on the phone impression, mouth open in an O, saying Oh, oh, oh.

Gorgeous wedding and a fun weekend!!

Ps. Can I just say that it's hard to believe that this was nearly a year ago!! Peep has changed so so much. Love that little rascal. xoxo